FY2017-2020 Publicly Offered Research Group Leader, Dr. Kosuke Hamaguchi (Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Biological Sciences) has accepted a paper in PNAS

 FY2017-2020 Publicly Offered Research Group Leader, Dr. Hamaguchi, and his research group have shown that “The value computed from knowledge (prospective value) appears before action initiation in a part of the secondary motor cortex (M2) of mice, and inhibition of this area before the action initiation prevents the expert to make predictive, knowledge-dependent choices. These results show that M2 promote predictive knowledge-dependent decision-making.”
We hope you will read it.

Published Paper:  K.Hamaguchi, H. Aoki-Takahashi, and D. Watanabe, “Prospective and Retrospective Values Integrated in Frontal Cortex Drive Predictive Choice”, PNAS, 119, e2206067119. Direct Submission

DOI:10.1073/pnas.2206067119 (2022)