"Gatsby-Kakenhi Joint Workshop on AI and Neuroscience” successfully concluded.

 We co-organized “Gatsby-Kakenhi Joint Workshop on AI and Neuroscience” in London on May 11-12, 2017. About 35 participants from UK and Japan participated in active discussions regarding about the future of AI and Neuroscience and how both can benefit from each other. Presentation slides are available from the Workshop page.

Thursday, 11th May

Session 1: Current status of AI and what’s next

Masashi Sugiyama (RIKEN AIP/U Tokyo) “Classification from Weak Supervision”
Shakir Mohammed (Deepmind)              “Plausible Reasoning in Artificial Agents”
Daisuke Okanohara (Preferred Networks)”AI in real world: Automobile, Robot, Bio/Healthcare, and Art creation”
Arthur Gretton (Gatsby Unit)                 “Learning Features to Compare Distributions”
Jun Morimoto (ATR)                              “Motor Learning Methods for Humanoid Control”

Session 2: Advancing neuroscience by AI

Peter Dayan (Gatsby Unit)                    “Decision-Theoretic Psychiatry as Artificial Unintelligence?”
Hidehiko Takahashi(Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine)”The Interface between AI and Psychiatry (Schizophrenia) Research”
Maneesh Sahani (Gatsby Unit)             “Inference in Perception”
Shinji Nishimoto (CiNet)                      “Linking Neuroscience and Machine Learning via Latent Features of Natural Stimuli”
Aapo Hyvarinen (Gatsby Unit)             “Nonlinear ICA using Temporal Structure: A Principled Framework for Unsupervised Deep Learning”



Friday, 12th May

Session 3: What should/can we further learn from the brain

Kenji Doya (OIST)                             “Multiple Representations and Algorithms for Learning and Behaviors”
Matthew Botvinick (Deep Mind)          “What How Should/Can we Further Learn from the Brain?”
Masamichi Sakagami (Tamagawa U)   “Categorical Coding of Stimulus and Inference of the Value in the Monkey Lateral Prefrontal Cortex”
Zhaoping Li (Gatsby Unit)                  “Feedforward and Feedback Processes for Visual Detection and Recognition in Humans”
Hiroyuki Nakahara (RIKEN BSI)          “Learning to Make Reward-Guided Decisions: Sequential, Successive, and Social”

Session 4: Toward general, human-like intelligence

Shane Legg (DeepMind)                   “Towards General Human-Like Intelligence?”
Tadahiro Taniguchi (Ritsumeikan U)   “Symbol Emergence in Robotics: Language Acquisition via Real-World Sensorimotor Information”
Karl Friston (UCL)                            “Active Inference and Artificial Curiosity”
Hiroshi Yamakawa (Whole Brain Architecture Initiative)”Brain-Inspired AI as a Way to Desired General Intelligence”