The 2nd Research Area Meeting of Scientific Research on Innovative Areas: Artificial Intelligence and Brain Science

  • May 20 - 21, 2017
  • Center for Information and Neural Networks
    *Area members and invited guests only > GoogleMap

We will hold the 2nd research area meeting on May 20 – 21, 2017.

Saturday, 20 May
13:00-13:15 Greeting from Head Investgator
<A01 Planned Research Group>
13:15-13:20 Yutaka Matsuo    “Study for the Advancement of Prediction by Integrating Deep Learning and Symbol Processing”
13:20-13:25 Kenji Doya    “Elucidation of the Mathematical Basis and Neural Mechanisms of Multi-layer Representation Learning”
13:25-13:30 Keiji Tanaka    “Neural bases of congruency-sequence effects on conflict costs”
<A03 Planned Research Group>
13:30-13:35 Hidehiko Takahashi    “Understating of neural basis of thought disorders in psychiatric disorders ” 
<A01 Publicly Offered Research Group>
13:35-14:00 Keiji Yanai    “Multi-functional Deep Neural Networks which Emergence Novel Functions by Sequential Training of Single Functions”
14:00-14:25 Kosuke Hamaguchi   “Imaging learning rule from neural and molecular activity”
14:25-14:50 Takufumi Yanagisawa (presenter: Ryohei Fukuma)    “Development of novel artificial intelligence using ECoG big data”
14:50-15:15   Chikazoe Junichi    “A cross-reference approach between neural correlates and artificial intelligence for elucidation of valuation mechanisms”
15:15-15:35 Coffee break
15:35-16:00 Tomoki Fukai    “Novel architecture and learning rules inspired by cortical microcircuits”
16:00-16:25 Andrea Benucci    “Causal optogenetic approaches for the integrations of AI and Brain Science”
16:25-16:50 Junichiro Hirayama    “Deep stacked independent component analysis and its application to brain science”
16:50-17:20 Discussion
18:00-     Reception at restaurant La Scena, Osaka University Suita campus

Sunday, 21 May
<A02 Planned Research Group>
9:00- 9:05 Masayuki Matsumoto    “Roles of the dopamine system in reward and attention processing”
  9:05- 9:10 Takatoshi Hikida    “Neuronal circuit mechanisms of reward/goal-directed behavior”
  9:10- 9:15 Jun Morimoto    “Internal model construction by observing others and policy acquisition through self-learning”
  9:15- 9:20 Hiroaki Gomi    “Computational mechanisms of implicit sensorimotor control
<A02 Publicly Offered Research Group>
  9:20- 9:45 Jun Izawa    “Computational understanding of the neural basis of reward-based and sensory-based motor learning
  9:45-10:10   Masanori Matsuzaki    “Research on cortico-cerebellar multilayer circuit for motor adaptation”
10:10-10:35   Kenitchi Inoue    “Organization of Cortico-Basal Ganglia and Cortico-Cerebellum Loop Circuits That Arise from the Prefrontal Cortex”
10:35-11:00 Eiji Uchibe    “Parallel deep reinforcement learning”
<A01 Publicly Offered Research Group>
11:00-11:25 Shigeru Shinomoto    “Inferring networks from neuronal signals and predicting emergent activity patterns”
11:25-11:45   Discussion
11:45-13:00   Lunch
                     The 3rd Administrative Meeting
                      *Planned Research Group Principal Investigators and invited guests only
<A03 Planned Research Group>
13:00-13:05 Masamichi Sakagami    “Neuronal mechanisms on inductive abstraction and deductive generation of information”
13:05-13:10 Tadahiro Taniguchi    “Neural Computation of Double Articulation Analysis integrating sensory-motor information and language processing ”
13:10-13:15 Hiroyuki Nakahara    “Neurocomputational primitives for decision-making with use of models of others’ minds”
<A03 Publicly Offered Research Group>
13:15-13:40 Shinsuke Suzuki    “Computational and neural mechanisms underlying structure learning”
13:40-14:05 Yutaka Komuro    “Dialogue between the predictive coding and brain mechanism for autonomic inference”
14:05-14:30 Yuichi Yamashita    “Development of computational assay for psychiatric disorders using deep learning”
14:30-14:55 Koki Mimura    “Social context segmentation analysis in a primate model of Autism Spectrum Disorder”
<A01 Publicly Offered Research Group>
14:55-15:20 Takashi Ikegami    “A Study of Space/Sound Perception by using a Generative Deep Learning approach
15:20-15:50 General Discussion
15:50-16:00 Information and Future Schedule