Lecture by Prof.Suzanne Haber

  • Monday, 16th April, 10:30-
  • Tamagawa University, Building Nr.8 , Second floor, Meeting Room Nr. 2 > GoogleMap

 We will hold a lecture by Prof.Suzanne Haber at Tamagawa University.

Speaker; Dr. Suzanne Haber (Professor, University of Rochester Medical Center, School of Medicine and Dentistry)

Title: Circuits of reward and decision-making: linking monkey anatomy to human imaging to understand psychiatric disease and effective neurotherapeutic targets.

 The prefrontal cortical (PFC) and the rostral striatum are composed of multiple areas that support a wide range of functions (emotion, motivation, and higher cognition).These areas, along with the white matter bundles that connect them, are associated with several psychiatric illnesses including depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, (OCD), and addiction. To understand how information from different functional regions is combined to mediate complex and flexible behaviors, we sought to identify specific regions within the PFC and striatum which are in a position, based on their connections, to integrate information. We refer to these areas as hubs. Importantly, areas of PFC use specific white matter bundles to reach their terminal fields. This talk will first address the location and composition of hubs within the PFC and striatum. Secondly, it will demonstrate the location of fibers from specific PFC areas within white matter. We combine data from conventional anatomical experiments with state-of-the-art imaging first in nonhuman primates and then in normal human subjects to transition cross species. We then use these results to understand abnormalities grey and white matter in psychiatric disease and potential therapeutic targets.