Co-sponsored Event:5th Mini-Symposium on Cognition, Decision-making, and Social Function: In Memory of Kang Cheng

  • 19th July 2017, 13:30-17:30
  • C102/C103, 1st Floor, BSI Central Building
    RIKEN Brain Science Institute
    2-1 Hirosawa Wako City, Saitama 351-0198 JAPAN > GoogleMap

5th Mini-Symposium on Cognition, Decision-making, and Social Function: In Memory of Kang Cheng

The brain is amazing. I have been organizing this mini-symposium series to facilitate discussions on new perspectives for understanding higher brain functions including cognition, decision-making, emotion, and social function. This time, in memory of Kang Cheng, our admired friend, and colleague, I asked speakers who once worked closely with Kang Cheng to present their ongoing work.


13:30-13:35 Opening

Metacognition in Value-based Decision-making
Dr. Xiaohong Wan (Beijing Normal University)

Influence of Simple Action on Subsequent Manual and Ocular Responses
Dr. Pei Sun (Tsinghua University)

14:25-14:50 Break

Mouse primary visual cortex is not part of the reverberant neural circuitry critical for visual perception
Dr. Masataka Watanabe (The University of Tokyo)

Imaging magnetic susceptibility with magnetic resonance: a tool to study neurodegeneration
Dr. Mauro Costagli (IMAGO7 Research Center)

Color representation in human visual cortex
Dr. Ichiro Kuriki (Tohoku University)

16:05-16:30 Break

Neural computations underlying social decision-making
Dr. Hiroyuki Nakahara (RIKEN)

Priors and heuristics in human visual perception
Dr. Justin L. Gardner (Stanford University)

17:20-17:30 Closing

* Lecture language is English. Abstracts are available here:
* Advance entry is not required.Please join in a lighthearted.

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